At the start of 2020, my colleagues and I set out to develop ARPR’s 2nd Annual Tech Marketing Data Report. We had big plans. Provocative concepts. In-depth research processes. 

And then, wham…COVID-19.

Our data report concept was suddenly irrelevant. Our initial April publication timeline was unachievable. Even the thought of issuing a data report felt inappropriate, so we shifted and started producing free, helpful content for tech marketers who were scrambling. 

As summer began, we came up for air and the topic of our annual data report was clear. We wanted to know: how have tech marketers reallocated resources? What ROI has our industry been able to prove during this time? And where do we go from here?

So, a few weeks ago, ARPR surveyed 100 tech marketers from enterprise brands, growth-stage companies and startups alike. These respondents represented technology companies such as Amazon, Cox Communications and Rackspace. 

What did we learn? Well, an overwhelming 97% of tech marketers said they’ve “definitely” or “somewhat” been able to prove the value of digital marketing to executives during COVID. 

Overall, the survey points to a moment of reimagination for software marketing departments. Whereas communications calendars used to be centered around live events, they’re now transforming into content-driven machines. The nimbleness and creativity that marketers leveraged during the pandemic has already delivered ROI to brands. Given this success, the data points to a future powered by owned, earned and digital media.

To read the full survey results, CLICK HERE and download ARPR’s 2nd Annual Tech Marketing Data Report: Marketing in a Post-COVID World. We wish the topic was inspired by something other than a pandemic, but after reading the survey responses, we’re optimistic about where we can all go from here.

From business development to finance to HR, Anna Ruth wears many hats as CEO. But her first love is working with tech companies to guide their marketing and PR strategies.

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