Layering storytelling into marketing automation and lead generation can help you create a real connection with prospects.

3 Ways to Layer Storytelling into Marketing Automation and Lead Generation

Imagine for a moment that you’re in the market for a new tech PR and lead generation agency. You have two options: Agency A is…

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4 Ways Coronavirus Illuminates Marketing Analytics Challenges

Are you overwhelmed by all of the data related to COVID? You’re not alone. “Analytics” is part of my title, and I’m struggling to make…

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COVID is forcing tech marketers to shift their lead gen plans.

Tech Marketing During Our New (COVID-19) Normal

It was only two weeks ago that my colleague Blair wrote our first blog on coronavirus – “Contingency Marketing Planning in the Face of a…

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Unintended Consequences of the Political Digital Ad Battle

Presidential candidates aren’t the only ones putting stakes in the ground on important societal issues this season. Social and digital media platforms are also raising…

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Multi-channel Marketing Measurement Demystified

Multi-channel marketing. Cross channel marketing. Omnichannel marketing. Lots of buzzwords have emerged since the early 2000s to describe a basic concept – reaching customers and…

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How to Set Expectations for Clicks and Conversions for Your Next Marketing Campaign

So you’ve decided to launch a marketing campaign, eh? You’ve developed a strategy, and have created plenty of content for your website and social media…

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Three Metrics to Add to Your B2B Marketing Playbook in 2019

A recent CMO survey showed that marketers rank their analytics and measurement capabilities among the lowest of all skills. Amidst growing pressures to prove ROI…

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